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Radiophonic Workshop Cuddlesome Minimoog Synth pillows on etsy

In a recent discussion/heated-debate on the tweeters, we talked over how to make Radiophonic music and analogue synthesizers more cuddlesome and enticing to young and old. And hit upon a brilliant idea, which someone has already done. So after a … Continue reading

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Shoreditch: Experimental Music School 1969

  So this is what was going on in Shoreditch before it became infested with pseudo-intellectuals, savvy media-types in cashmere jackets and fashion designers sitting  on salvaged furniture. This documentary hails from a time when the bbc was still run by … Continue reading

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Ringtones from Space Volume 1

Project Moonbase has made available its first release! Yes, our sonification team have captured some of our favourite alerts and alarms used aboard the Moonbase and made then into a set of PMB ringtones. If you enjoy the show and … Continue reading

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