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Shoreditch: Experimental Music School 1969

  So this is what was going on in Shoreditch before it became infested with pseudo-intellectuals, savvy media-types in cashmere jackets and fashion designers sitting  on salvaged furniture. This documentary hails from a time when the bbc was still run by … Continue reading

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Ringtones from Space Volume 1

Project Moonbase has made available its first release! Yes, our sonification team have captured some of our favourite alerts and alarms used aboard the Moonbase and made then into a set of PMB ringtones. If you enjoy the show and … Continue reading

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PMB050 Gold (Matt Berry/Peter Serafinowicz, Ken Nordine, Jet Harris, Benny Golson, Les Paul, Supercasanova, High Llamas, Les Baxter, Delia Derbyshire)

Well, dear listener, an auspicious moment has arrived in the history of Project Moonbase. Yes, we’ve reached our 50th episode of the podcast! To celebrate reaching this significant figure, we have selected a special set of tunes this week all … Continue reading

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