PMB Steel Band

Steel drums are a drummin’ throughout this tropical-tinkly playlist

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Featuring:The Sunshine Sound of the Steel Band,The Carnival Steel Drum Band, Doug Walker, Jamaican Steel Band, Island Chic Steel Band, The Sunjet Serenaders Steelband,  Esso Trinidad Steel Band, Tracy Thornton, Ebony Steel Band

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PMB | SSA | VAS Open

Project Moonbase DJ set from the Society of Scottish Artists and Visual Arts Scotland exhibition.

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Featuring: The Basil Kirchin Band, Al Hirt, Armando Sciascia Orchestra, Klaus Ogerman and his Orchestra, The High Llamas, Esquivel, Enoch Light, Frank Zappa, John Barry, Piero Piccioni, Suzanne Ciani, Yamasuki Singers and more!

@societyscotart, @visualartsscot

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PMB Kawaii GO

It’s Kawaii time: Some sugar-sweet, adorable tunes made by unicorns using only the finest rainbows ‘n’ lollypops.

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Featuring: fusq, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, CHAI, Sumire Uesaka, dark cat, juju, Cinders, Yui Ogura, Snail’s house, Dempagumi.Inc, Tokyo Elvis, Miku Hatsune, YMCK

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