PMB Quarantine Karaoke

Sing-along alone. If you’re not sure of the words, just make up your own. Sing like nobody’s listening. Because nobody’s listening.

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Featuring: The 5th Dimension, The Free Design, Pine Mountain Railroad, Funky Butt Brss Band, Rockabye Baby, Hackney Colliery Band, The Surfrajettes, The Schwings Band, Jake Shimabukuro, Primus Brass

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PMB Keep Calm

A little something to help you relax and also cool it and furthermore keep your hair on.

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Featuring: Ojard, Toy, felbm, lullatone, Plone, Softfocus, Jimi Tenor, Lary 7, Bruce Haack, Raymond Scott, Chris Gunning, Bertrand Burgalat

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PMB 70s Paranoia

Find enclosed a mint, unopened box of full strength 70s Paranoia: Reminisce over the cold war, the Vietnam war, rabies, the oil crisis and much much more.

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Featuring: Dave Grusin, Quincy Jones, Roy Budd, John Williams, Suzanne Ciani, John Barry, Martin Denny, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Lalo Schifrin

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