DANGER 5 SEASON 2 TRAILER – The Greatest Television Show in Human History is back!

Warning: Contains tomato-sauce-violence, Hitler holding flaming chainsaws and a teddy bear firing a machine gun. Not suitable for babies.

We so enjoyed the Australian, action, comedy gem DANGER 5 season one that we said:

DANGER 5  is the greatest television programme in all of human history ever.

This time we say:

DANGER 5 has everything you need in a tv show: Christmas, Sharks, Hitler, bad dubbing, cardboard props, dinosaurs, bongo music, pretty ladies  and cold hard facts about WW2.

We can hardly believe both our eyes and our ears that DANGER 5 is back for another season which now seems to involve the only two ingredients missing from season one: the 80s and time travel. This time it’s personal.

Listen to our Other Voices ep, to hear music from Dario Russo Danger 5: Series 1 (Original Soundtrack).

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Are you looking forward to it like we’re looking forward to it?

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Grandma Lo-Fi Trailer – The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir

As mentioned in PMB196: Other Voices, here’s the trailer for the documentary about Icelandic elder stateswoman of outsider music, Sigríði Níelsdóttur, aka Grandma Lo-Fi:

You can buy cassettes of the greatest hits soundtrack from Hornbuckle Records or a DVD/CD combo from Eymundsson in Iceland.

The film has a Facebook page too if you’re looking for more info.

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PMB196: Other Voices (Grandma Lo-Fi, Reg Owen, Dario Russo, Big Boss Man, Brooks and O’Hagan, Listening Center, Karl Hector & The Malcouns, Dario Russo, Gene Rains)

PMB196: Other VoicesWe’re back after a couple of weeks of space admin to bring you a selection of our favourite new releases and reissues, including two new tracks on Ghost Box, a lo-fi grandma, some previously lost classic-era exotica and a couple of tracks from the brilliant release of the soundtrack to the first season of Danger 5, possibly the greatest show to have graced the airwaves in recent years.


Listen now:

Download the MP3 | Listen on Stitcher radio

The Music

1. Grandma Lo-Fi: Naggrisirnir from The Greatest Hits of Grandma Lo-Fi Buy
2. Reg Owen: Payroll from Troxy Music Buy on Amazon
3. Dario Russo: Gold Theme from Danger 5: Series 1 (Original Soundtrack) Buy on Amazon Danger 5: Series 1 (Original Soundtrack) - Dario Russo
4. Big Boss Man: Project No. 6 from Last Man On Earth Buy on Amazon Last Man On Earth - Big Boss Man
5. Brooks and O’Hagan: Calibair from Other Voices 01 Buy on Amazon Other Voices 01 - Single - Brooks and O'Hagan
6. Listening Center: Our Material from Other Voices 02 Buy on Amazon Other Voices 02 - Single - Listening Center
7. Karl Hector & The Malcouns: Mission Control from Unstraight Ahead Buy on Amazon Unstraight Ahead - Karl Hector & The Malcouns
8. Dario Russo: Nazi Dinosaurs from Danger 5: Series 1 (Original Soundtrack) Buy on Amazon Danger 5: Series 1 (Original Soundtrack) - Dario Russo
9. Gene Rains: Bangkok Cockfight from Far Away Lands: The Exotic Music Of Gene Rains Buy on Amazon

Project Moonbase is listener supported. So next time you buy anything from Amazon, please go via our Amazon affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything, is totally anonymous and best of all it helps keep the show running. Thank you!

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