PMB Cloudbusting

Put my dignity on hold. I’ll take one first class ticket on the StrangerThings 4, Kate Bush, Running Up That Hill, 80s covers cash-in / bandwagon jumping extravaganza!

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Featuring: KARMARAMA, Mark Brenner, 8-Bit Arcade, Aura Isadora, Meditation Music Composer, Vincent Peirani, Emile Parisien, Backing Business, Midnite String Quartet, Island Steel Drum Players, Dannilu, White Knight Instrumental

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PMB 1984

After another day of war with Eurasia, boots stamping on faces and the constant threat of being kicked down the memory hole unwind with this totalitarian playlist.

#Nineteen Eighty-Four #dystopian #Orwell #80s #Futurology

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Featuring: Mord Fustang, Mind 84, Jon Ryman, Richard Myhill, Red Passenger, Gershon Kingsley, Hiltzel, Sabrine Pena Young, Tommy ’86, The Red Army Choir

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PMB Ennui deux

More of that fresh-baked whatever. Ennui is back and this time it’s even more Pfff about life and existence and the futility thereof. I approve this mood: ennui2.

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Featuring: Françoise Hardy, Sophie Hunger, Fanel, Kit Sebastian, Christina Quesada, Lonny, P.R2B, Papa Topo, Freschard, Coralie Clement, Marie Laforét.

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