Project Moonbase – DJ Bongoboy & MC Zirconium – Futurologists, antiquarians and explorers in the outer realms of the music multiverse


Project Moonbase is filled with music to surprise, delight and occasionally horrify you. Made by someone who really cares (and his prisoner) aka DJ Bongoboy and MC Zirconium. New shows every Sunday


We bring you music you’ve never heard before that will put a smile on your face, open your third eye and make you dance. We love space age bachelor pad music, library music, charity shop cheese, hauntology, ping pong stereo, moog music, sitar-driven psychedelia, lounge, the retro-futuristic, contemporary electronica, soundtrack music, radiophonics, euro-pop, orchestral-pop, industrial-opera, hyphens, 8bit, chip tune, skwee, uneasy listening and steel drums. We’ve been known to salute the theramin, sidle up to an ondes Martenot and smile beneficently on the ukelele. Every episode includes the unnecessary news: the strange, the weird, the futuristic and the fun. Join us now and in the future!


DJ Bongoboy, host, broadcaster, ruthless leader, De-facto king of the moon,   MC Zirconium, sidekick, prisoner, dogsbody, dog
DJ Bongoboy genial host, broadcaster, polymath, ruthless leader, de-facto king of the moon, Moon-Pope and space-penguin.

MC Zirconium jovial sidekick, prisoner, news-hound, dogs-body, dog.


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