Rocket Lolly Saturday 6 April 2013

RocketLollyAn evening of peculiar and rarely seen vintage British science films, accompanied by human, theremin and robot band Spacedog and a DJ set from Edinburgh’s resident retro futurists Project Moonbase.

Rocket Lolly is packed with historic gems: 1960s infrasonic terrors, parapsychology experiments and a vision of the ‘future’ (1955) made in 1935. We’ll also show you an eerily prescient vision of a world dependant on a giant computer network filmed in 1960.

Please wear something red, green or blue for a sonification experiement.

21:00-22:30 Rocket Lolly
22:30-01.00 Project Moonbase DJ set
Saturday 6 April 2013
Teviot Row
13 Bristo Square

Tickets £10 (£8)
Admission for age 18+ only
Get Tickets for Rocket Lolly at the science festival

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