PMB178: Is This A Dream? (The Cosmic Rays, Korla Pandit, 101 Strings, TOMTIT, Ethel Smith, Seeland, Delia Derbyshire/Barry Bermange, Boris Zepyr, Gerhard Gregor, Hans Conried, Jürgen Müller)

PMB178 Is This A Dream?You are going to relax, so begin by making yourself perfectly comfortable. Sit down in your favourite chair. Or lie down on your favourite couch or bed. Drop your arms to your sides and gaze intently at a spot high above your head at an approximate angle of 45 degrees.

This week on Project Moonbase we explore the world of dreams, trances and astral travelling with the intention that by the end of the experiment, sorry, show you will have reached an altogether higher state of consciousness and be able to look down upon yourself looking up at yourself.

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The Music

1. The Cosmic Rays (Sun Ra): Dreaming from The Singles Buy on Amazon
2. Korla Pandit: Trance Dance from Exotica 2000 Buy on Amazon Exotica 2000 - Korla Pandit
3. 101 Strings: Astral Freakout from Astro Sounds From Beyond the Year 2000 Buy on Amazon
4. TOMTIT: Lucid Droning Buy
5. Ethel Smith: The Dream Express from She’s Got Rhythm Buy on Amazon
6. Seeland: Colour Dream from Tomorrow Today Buy on Amazon Tomorrow Today - Seeland
7. Delia Derbyshire / Barry Bermange: Colour (DJ Bongoboy edit) from Invention for Radio No 1: The Dreams
8. Boris Zepyr: I Have A Dream from The Magic Panpipes Buy on Amazon
9. Gerhard Gregor: Chaque jour je rêve de vous from Hi-Fi orgue Buy on Amazon Hi-Fi orgue (Mono Version) - Gerhard Gregor
10. Hans Conried: Hypnotic Duel from The 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T Buy on Amazon The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T - Hans Conried
11. Jürgen Müller: Dream Sequence for a Jellyfish from Science of the Sea Buy Science of the Sea - Jürgen Müller

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