PMB185: Now That’s What I Don’t Call the 80s 2 (Oxykitten, Rich Menga, Hunter Complex, mitch murder, Norm Chambers, Suzanne Ciani, James Last, Hirut Bekele, Peachy Pixel8, Büromaschinen)

PMB185 Now That's What I Don't Call the 80s 2By far our most popular episode to date is PMB128: Now That’s What I Don’t Call the 80s. We have no idea why that might be but in an attempt to re-create the huge success of that show, we thought it time to collect together another selection of music which sounds as though it could have been recorded 30 years ago. To that end, we bring you new/old releases from Oxykitten, Rich Menga, Hunter Complex, mitch murder and Norm Chambers.

We do also have some music actually recorded in the 1980s but we hope the strong legal defence mounted in the course of this week’s show justifying their inclusion proves convincing in the court of public opinion.

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Oxykitten: Attention Attendees! Assemble! from Parking Lot High Buy
2. Rich Menga: Little Casio from Bedroom Cassette Masters 1980-89 Volume Five Buy
3. Hunter Complex: Heat from Heat Buy Heat - Hunter Complex
4. mitch murder: Ocean Avenue Buy
5. Norm Chambers: Luminous Technology from Sensory Margin Buy
6. Suzanne Ciani: Liberator Buy on Amazon Liberator - Single - Suzanne Ciani
7. James Last: Africa from Non Stop Dancing ’83 Buy on Amazon
8. Hirut Bekele: Track 7 from Hirut Bekele Free
9. Peachy Pixel8: 8-bit Benny Hill theme Listen
10. Büromaschinen: Run from Time Capsule Vol. 1 Free

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The Unnecessary News

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