PMB S02E04 Keep it Clean (Jack Hulbert & Eddie & Rex, Caerphilly Youth Big Band, American-Standard, Barry Gray, The Advisory Circle, Maruo Maruko, Lullatone, Mike Sammes, oDDling, Baby Bear, Elmo, Mice, Stepmother, Telly & Zoe, Klangverkstedet, Daphne Oram)

PMB S02E04 Keep it CleanIt’s time to pop on the marigolds, arrange a selection of cleaning products on the worktop and get scrubbing before also giving yourself a good hose-down.

Yes, on this week’s show we celebrate cleanliness and the art of attaining cleanliness.

We have some polished sunshine from the 1930s, Welsh brass, American bathrooms, two washing-related tracks from Japan, some clean retrowave and even a couple of commercial breaks.

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The Music

1. Jack Hulbert & Eddie & Rex with orchestra: Who’s Been Polishing the Sun? from The Songs of Noel Gay Buy on Amazon
2. Caerphilly Youth Big Band: Car Wash from Pick Up the Pieces Buy on Amazon
3. American-Standard: Ultra Bath Dream from The Bathrooms Are Coming! Free
4. Barry Gray: Poppett Washing Up Liquid from Stand By For Adverts Buy on Amazon
5. The Advisory Circle: We Cleanse This Space from As The Crow Flies Buy on Amazon
6. Maruo Maruko: washing machine from live at yusurago “organ-night” Buy
7. Lullatone: The Bathtime Beat from The Bedtime Beat Buy on Amazon
8. Mike Sammes & The Mike Sammes Singers: Ariel from Music For Biscuits Buy on Amazon
9. oDDling: Wash Me Away from Y-Z Buy
10. Baby Bear, Elmo, Mice, Stepmother, Telly & Zoe: The Dusting Song from Sesame Street: CinderElmo Buy on Amazon
11. Klangverkstedet: Bath Time from Klangverkstedet Buy on Amazon
12. Daphne Oram: Tumblewash from Oramics Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

Thing of the Week

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