PMB S02E05 Jean-Jacques Perrey Jamboree (Jean-Jacques Perrey, Kai Winding, Gershon Kingsley, Billy Mure, Harry Breuer, Gilbert Sigrist, David Chazam, Dana Countryman)

PMB S02E05 Jean-Jacques Perrey JamboreePatron saint of the show, Jean-Jacques Perrey, recently moved on from this planet to spend eternity with the stars. His music was a perfect example of all the things we love at PMB: humour, virtuosity, ping-pong stereo, the Moog synthesizer, tape loops, farmyard animals and even the electric sitar.

This is our tribute to the great man – and such was the quality and quantity of his output that we’ve managed to put together a whole show of his music without playing a single track we’ve played on the podcast before.

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Mr Ondioline (Jean-Jacques Perrey): Nola from Mr Ondioline Buy on Amazon
2. Jean-Jacques Perrey: Barnyard in Orbit from Musique Electronique Du Cosmos Buy on Amazon
3. Kai Winding w/Jean-Jacques Perrey: The Gospel Truth from Mondo Cane #2 Buy on Amazon
4. Perrey & Kingsley: The Savers from Kaleidoscopic Vibrations Buy on Amazon
5. Jean-Jacques Perrey w/Eileen Davies (aka Billy Mure): Porcupine Rock from The Amazing New Electronic Sound Buy on Amazon
6. Harry Breuer And His Quintet: Minute Merengue from Mallet Mischief Buy on Amazon
7. Harry Breuer w/Jean-Jacques Perrey: Space Express from The Happy Moog! Buy on Amazon
8. Pat Prilly w/Jean-Jacques Perrey: La Panthere Cosmique from Moog Sensations Buy on Amazon
9. Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gilbert Sigrist: Le Fugitif from Dynamoog Buy on Amazon
10. David Chazam w/Jean-Jacques Perrey: My Blue Morlok from Eclektronics Buy on Amazon
11. Jean-Jacques Perrey/Dana Countryman: The Typewriter from The Happy Electropop Music Machine Buy on Amazon
12. Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman: Funky Little Spacegirl from Destination Space Buy on Amazon

Project Moonbase is listener supported. So next time you buy anything from Amazon, please go via our Amazon affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything, is totally anonymous and best of all it helps keep the show running. Thank you!

The Unnecessary News

Thing of the Week

Passport To The Future: The Amazing Life and Music of Electronic Pop Music Pioneer Jean-Jacques PerreyThis week’s thing is the definitive tome on our subject, Jean-Jacques Perrey, written by his most recent musicial partner and friend of the show, Dana Countryman. The book chronicles Perrey’s musical transformation from being just another young accordion player in France, to eventually becoming a pioneer of electronic pop music. “Passport to the Future” documents Perrey’s life, and explains how he created his unique recordings. Scores of musicians who worked with Perrey are interviewed, including Angelo Badalamenti, Robert Moog, Gershon Kingsley, Dick Hyman, Vinnie Bell, Walter Sear, and many more.

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