PMB S03E01 Low Energy (CaptainX, Joseph Vann, Iko Chérie, Snail’s House, Dario Russo, David Mellor, Ìxtahuele, The Hardy Tree, nightskys, Lullatone, Freschard, Vanishing Twin)

PMB S03E01 Low EnergyGradually emerging from hibernation, the crew aboard the Moonbase bring you a suitably low-key start to Season 3 with a selection of soothing tunes to ease you into the new year.

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The Music

1. CaptainX: Adrift from CaptainX Buy
2. Joseph Vann: just awful from disgusting filth (a compilation) Buy
3. Iko Chérie: Le Jardin Des Plantes from Dreaming On Buy on Amazon
4. Snail’s House: fizzy resort from Ordinary Songs 2 Buy
5. Dario Russo: Montenegro from Temptress Buy on Amazon
6. David Mellor: Air Currents from Glistens Buy on Amazon
7. Ìxtahuele: At Sea from Call of the Islands Buy on Amazon
8. The Hardy Tree: The Peerless Pool from Through Passages of Time Buy on Amazon
9. nightskys: Deeper Commitment from Nightskys Buy
10. Lullatone: goodbye cherry blossoms (the last ones are falling with the rain and now there are puddles full of petals (of sakura)) from thinking about Thursdays Buy
11. Freschard: No, No, No from Shh… Buy
12. Vanishing Twin: It Sends My Heart Into A Spin from Choose Your Own Adventure Buy

Project Moonbase is listener supported. So next time you buy anything from Amazon, please go via our Amazon affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything, is totally anonymous and best of all it helps keep the show running. Thank you!

The Unnecessary News

Thing of the Week

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