PAUSE Project Moonbase – Not in service

I am sorry to tell you dear listeners, that we are shuttering the moonbase for the foreseeable future.

It’s not that we are bored of music. We are not bored of music! Which remains an excellent source of entertainment and probs protein and minerals.

It’s not that we don’t  love you anymore. We 100% moon-love you in a non-threatening platonic way which in no way affects your relationship status.

We are currently unable to put together any shows due to cruel fate back-handing your venerable and beloved host (sometimes known as) DJ Bongoboy (he has many names). DJ Bongoboy, Chief scientist, curator of musical curiosities and avuncular chap. Friend. All round good egg, actual real-life genuinely nice person. This titan of musical taste, this golden-voiced niche-caster has been struck down.

He is resting and may yet do-a-phoenix and get up and even curate something. Let us all hope for this happy outcome.

But for the moment we are going deep into the moon-core, adopting the foetal position and entering an exotica-induced coma.

Thanks to everyone who contacted us. Peace be with you moonbeams.

MC Zirconium.

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