On this page our team of boffins attempt to answer your most pressing questions about the show.
If these answers do not suffice you may ask a question.

Q1. What is that splendid piece of music you use for your theme tune?
A1. The Project Moonbase theme tune is ‘Diamond Pyramid’ by Finnish band Aavikko from the album Back from the Futer.

Q2. Is that the Tomorrow’s World theme tune I can hear during MC Zirconium’s tales of disinformation?
A2. Why yes, the music we use for MC Zirconium’s tall tales is the unmistakable sound of Sir John Dankworth’s (Xenu rest his soul) theme to classic-era Tomorrow’s World which you can find on Let’s Slip Away.

Q3. And what about The Sea of Tranquility theme?
A3. The Sea of Tranquility theme is ‘Bendix “The Tomorrow People”‘ by Raymond Scott from the sumptuous box set Manhattan Research Inc.

Q4. How can I ensure that the Project Moonbase condiment status remains DEFCON GHERKIN?
A4. If you float on over to the support page you will find a variety of ways you can help.

Q5. How can I express my delight/horror at the music being played on the show?
A5. Well, why not send us an email or tweet us.

Q6. How can I get my music played on the show? If I happen to be a virtuoso kazoo/ukulele/VCS3/Modular Moog/ocarina  player or Steel drumist.
A6. Send a link to show@projectmoonbase.com

Q7. Who produces the lovely artwork for each edition of the show?
A7. Why, that would be this highly talented gentleman: andy fielding, graphic designer.

Q8. How do I send you actual physical stuff like vinyl LPs, hampers filled with luxury goods, bottles of port, champaign or gold sovereigns?
A7. Drop us a line at show@projectmoonbase.com and we will furnish you with a secret address.

Q9. Why do you hide behind the noms de plume: MC Zirconium and DJ Bongoboy?
A9. Mind your own beeswax.

Q10. Is project moonbase a cult?
A10. Project moonbase does meet many of the criteria of a cult, however …SHHH we are not a cult, honest. Now, kneel before me, am I not your master?

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