PMB Moog

Moog, the company that put the “oo” in moosic. Celebrating 50 Years Of The Moog Modular Synthesizer It’s a moogiversary if you like #moog #moogiversary #moosic

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Featuring: Gil Trythall, The Happy Moog, Enoch Light, Hugo Montenegro, Jean-Jaques Perrey, Dana Countryman, The Moog Cookbook, Klaus Wunderlich, Alan Hawkshaw, Brian Bennett, Wendy Carlos, Money Mark, Mathew Bourne, Isa Tomita, Lisa Bella Donna, Nino Nardini, Bernard Delgoda, Claude Denjean, The Moog Machine

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PMB Caravan

Let’s listen to different versions of the same song until we go mad.

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Featuring: The Boy Scouts of America, Asa-Chang, Emerson Kitamura, Banda Bucanera, Minyo Crusaders, El Coco, Ella Fitzgerald, James Last, Shirley Scott, Luca Mongia, John Burzon Trio

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PMB Windscreen Wipers

A whole playlist about what scientists call “the most important invention of the 20th century” aka Windscreen Wipers. Where would we be without ’em? Staring blankly into a thunderstorm from the mouth of a cave probably, unable to advance human civilisation. Thankfully they do exist, progress can continue with clear eyes, full hearts and a delightful playlist O’fun.

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Featuring: LT FARNs, Patrick Walsh, yoshihide, La Cumbre, Anne Gushee Aresnault, Silent Knights, Roy Scott, Fahrland, Kids Music Company, Danny Breaks

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