PMB Classical Dimension 2

It’s classical music but not as we know it. This selection is reimagined by various groovy scientists, banjo-players, theremin- botherers, whistlers and other misfits.

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Featuring: Armando Sciascia Orchestra, Herbert Waltl, Colleen Billings, Roy Smeck, Isao Tomita, Ruth White, Jimmy Rodgers, Sky, Masami Takeuchi

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PMB Sea Shanty

There’s no hope for me. I was lost out at sea. But then I found this salty playlist of Sea Shanties (Songs for Seafarers, aka Sea Songs, aka work songs).

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Featuring: Wellington Sea Shanty Society, Sea of Thieves, 8 Bit Universe, Bernard Cribbins, Fiftyrock, Leonard Warren & Morris Levine, Joe Penn, Percy Granger, Penelope Thwaites, Drunken Sailor Shantymen

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PMB Theremin 101

The Theremin, Leon’s baby. The only instrument with not 1 but 2 antennas. The only instrument invented by an actual communist spy. The only instrument with that #spookyspooky.

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Featuring:Radio Science Orchestra, Pekkanini, Stephen Hamm, Project Pimento, David Hewson, Bernard Herrmann, Massami Takeuci, Jean-Marie Leclair, Gaudi, Adrian Sherwood, Messer Chups, Lydia Kavina

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