PMB025 Superbad: Lassigue Bandthaus, Rad State, Shawn Lee, Natural Yogurt Band, Dorit Chrysler, Classical Steel, Rebecca Black, Gary Gibson, Nick Maynard

New albums by Shawn Lee and the Natural Yogurt Band more from Dayton Ohi, some spooky theremin music, some classical steel and a shameless attempt to hop aboard the Rebecca Black bandwagon.
MC Zirconium, meanwhile, will depress and twist the relevant bulb to remove it.

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The Music

1. Lassigue Bendthaus: Superbad (soul substitute) from Pop Artificielle Buy on Amazon
2. Rad State: Infinite Fractal Terrian from Dayton, Ohio Vol. 2 Buy
3. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra: Booya (feat. Michael Leonhart) from World of Funk Buy on Amazon World of Funk - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
3. Modular: Perdidos en el Espacio from Fantasías de un Robot Psicodélico Buy on Amazon Fantasías de un Robot Psicodélico - Modular
4. Natural Yogurt Band: Clocks from Tuck In With… Buy on Amazon Tuck In With - The Natural Yogurt Band
5. Dorit Chrysler: My Sweet Chimera from 4 Women No Cry, Vol. 2 Buy on Amazon 4 Women No Cry, Vol. 2 - Various Artists
6. Gary Gibson: Minute Waltz (Chopin) from Yah Boy! Buy on Amazon Yahboy! - Gary Gibson Watch
7. Nick Maynard: Friday (by Rebecca Black) from Selling Out Free

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The Unnecessary News

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