PMB029 Rhythmagic: Rhythmagic Orchestra, The High Llamas, Machito, Jonny Trunk, Majid Khan, High Llamas, Bob Lyons, Peter Reno, The George Garabedian Players and the Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms, Arshad Mahmood, Bob Lyons

On the show this week we find ourselves catching up with some recent releases and reissues including the new yet old sounds of the Rhythmagic Orchestra, some classic afro-cuban loveliness from Machito, Jonny Trunk on Ghost Box, a track from the new High Llamas album, more from the vaults of EMI Pakistan as well as an extraordinary new genre: pan-pipe disco. We also introduce a brand new feature: Poetry Corner, with your host the Dalek Vicar.

MC Zirconium for his part asks hast thou a mind to go with me and look upon a spring of water near hand?” The Prince mounted, knowing not what should befal him in the future, and they rode on, unattended by any, and without stopping till they came to the spring. The Prince being thirsty said to the Wazir, “O Minister, I am suffering from drouth,” and the other answered, “Get thee down and drink of this spring!

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The Music

1. The Rhythmagic Orchestra: Tururato from The Rhythmagic Orchestra Buy on Amazon The Rhythmagic Orchestra - The Rhythmagic Orchestra
2. Machito: Congo Mulence from Afro Cuban Rythm “The Rythm” Buy on Amazon Afro Cuban Rythm
3. The George Garabedian Players and the Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms: Winchester Cathedral from The Tijuana Brass Sound Free
4. Jonny Trunk: Le Train Fantome from Study Series Vol 6: Animation and Interpretation Buy on Amazon Study Series 06: Animation and Interpretation - Single - Jonny Trunk
5. Majid Khan and Arshad Mahmood: Persuasion from Sitar Influence Buy on Amazon Sitar Influence - Majid Khan Arshad Mahmood
6. Various Artists: Light My Fire from The Magic Sound Of The Pan Pipes 3
7. Bob Lyons: Pachelbel’s Canon In D Major from Steel Drum Wedding Music Buy on Amazon Steel Drum Wedding Music - Bob Lyons
8. The High Llamas: Talahomi Way from Talahomi Way Buy on Amazon Talahomi Way - The High Llamas
9. Peter Reno: The Greatest Show On Earth from Top Dog Buy on Amazon Top Dog (A Retrospective Of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960-1982) - Various Artists

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