Cassette edition prototype

Cassette edition prototype
For the first time we see an actual image of the much anticipated (and possibly never-to-exist) Project Moonbase Special Cassette Edition.

This strictly limited edition, one of a kind collectable, family heirloom and cassette could be yours if the public at large – This means you – can convince us to bring it out of the project moonbase test labs and into the real world. You may be saying to yourself “but Project Moonbase, I do not own a cassette deck.” well, this is the perfect reason to correct that obvious oversight. Look at it, just look at it in all it’s retro old-time, yesteryear-of-graphic design glory.

Each cassette will be lovingly mopped across DJ Bongoboy’s brow, to help infuse it with his musky scent and MC Zirconium will shed a single perfect tear, symbolising his sorrow about being held against his will on the moon.

So let us know if you desire to have this unique treasure/cry-for-help, fill in the handy questionnaire and let your voice be heard.

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