PMB044 Forty Four (Sesame Street, Schoolhouse Rock, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Tristram Cary, Raymond Scott, Shawn Lee, DMX Krew, D D Denham)

We’re back! Yes, after few weeks regenerating in the Geodesic Lounge, DJ Bongoboy and MC Zirconium are back with you, dear listener.

Since this show is episode FORTY FOUR we thought it only appropriate to dedicate this week’s show to the world of numbers. So every track on the show has a numerical theme, mostly in base 10 but bases 2 and 16 do also get a mention. In case you’re wondering why numbers are particularly relevant this week, all will become clear as the show unfolds…

We recommend having a pocket calculator to hand, as well as the handy bingo card which accompanies this week’s show.

download the MP3 directly.

The Music

1. Sesame Street Cast: Introduction – The Count Counts from Sesame Street: The Count Counts, Vol. 1 (The Count’s Countdown Show from Radio 1-2-3) Buy on Amazon Sesame Street: The Count Counts, Vol. 1 (The Count's Countdown Show from Radio 1-2-3) - Sesame Street
2. Sachal Studios Orchestra: Take Five from Jazz Interpretations of Jazz Standards & Bossa Nova Buy on Amazon Jazz Interpretations of Jazz Standards & Bossa Nova - Sachal Studios Orchestra
3. Jean-Jacques Perrey: Four, Three, Two, One from The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound Buy on Amazon Amazing Electronic Pop Sound of Jean Jacques Perrey - Jean Jacques Perrey
4. Tristram Cary: Divertimento (Start) from It’s time for Tristram Cary Buy on Amazon It's Time for Tristram Cary - Tristram Cary
5. Raymond Scott: Vicks: Formula 44 from Manhattan Research, Inc. Buy on Amazon Manhattan Research, Inc. - Raymond Scott
6. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra: Seven, Eight from Strings & Things Buy on Amazon Strings and Things - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
7. The Pointer Sisters: Pinball Number Count from Songs From The Street, Vol. 3 Buy on Amazon Sesame Street: Songs from the Street, Vol. 3 - Sesame Street Watch
8. Grady Tate: I Got Six from Schoolhouse Rock – Multiplication Rock Buy on Amazon
9. DMX Krew: 1101100001 from Kiss Goodbye Buy on Amazon Kiss Goodbye - DMX Krew
10. Ray Barretto: 007 (Double O Seven) from Señor 007 Buy on Amazon Señor 007 - Ray Barretto
11. D. D. Denham: 1 2 3 4 from Electronic Music in the Classroom Buy on Amazon Electronic Music In the Classroom - D.D. Denham
12. Alan Haven: 1, 2, 3 from Haven For Sale Buy on Amazon
13. Carlo Savina: 2968 from A Trip? Just A Little Beat Buy on Amazon A Trip? Just a Little....Beat - Various Artists

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The Unnecessary News

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