PMB052 Seeking Shatner: William Shatner, Nahid Akhtar, Shawn Lee, Monroeville Music Center, Ursula Bogner, The Kramford Look (23/10/2011)

PMB052: Seeking ShatnerWe’ve been eagerly awaiting William Shatner’s new single/double/triple album Seeking Major Tom, consisting of 20 tracks (mostly cover versions), for a few months now. A tantalising track-listing appeared on William Shatner’s website back in April 2011 and more recently footage emerged of the great man recording his version of Iron Man in the studio. Well now we finally have our hands on a copy of this modern masterpiece and well worth the wait it was too. As this is such an auspicious occasion we decided it would be only fitting to feature the album fairly extensively on the show this week and so for that reason we have chosen three of our favourite tracks.

However, it’s not all Shatner as we do also have a few tracks acquired by DJ Bongoboy on a recent excursion to the big smoke, including a new Lollywood compilation from Finders Keepers, some fictitious German radiophonics and some equally fictitious French library music. There’s also a delightful new (and free!) EP by one of our favourite contemporary artistes, the Monroeville Music Center.

download the MP3 directly.

The Music

1. William Shatner: Space Oddity (feat. Ritchie Blackmore & Candice Night) from Seeking Major Tom Buy on Amazon Seeking Major Tom - William Shatner
2. Nazir Ali Feat. Nahid Akhtar & Mehnaz: Life Is Dance from Life Is Dance: Plugged-In Sounds Of Wonder At The Pakistani Picture House Buy on Amazon
3. Shawn Lee’s Incredible Tabla Band: Apache from Save The Music: A Compilation For Record Store Day Buy on Amazon Save The Music - Various Artists
4. Monroeville Music Center: En Route (ou Enfin! Le Défilé Capsule de Temps va au Centre de Contrôle) from Le Progrès EP Free
5. William Shatner: She Blinded Me With Science (feat. Bootsy Collins & Patrick Moraz) from Seeking Major Tom Buy on Amazon Seeking Major Tom - William Shatner
6. Ursula Bogner: Trabant from Sonne = Blackbox Buy on Amazon Sonne = Blackbox - Ursula Bogner
7. The Kramford Look: Magic Plastic Home from 1970 Buy on Amazon 1970 - The Kramford Look
8. William Shatner: Bohemian Rhapsody (feat. John Wetton) from Seeking Major Tom Buy on Amazon Seeking Major Tom - William Shatner

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The Unnecessary News

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