PMB058: Wind Up Toys (Plone, Toy, Vic Mars, Lullatone, Pascale Comelade, Pierre Bastien, Raymond Scott, Klangverstedet, Felix's Machines)

PMB058: Wind Up ToysThe release of the rather lovely new album by Japanese duo Lullatone (Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures) prompted us to seek out a selection of tracks either made with or inspired by toy instruments, clockwork machines and circuit bent toys. By a spooky coincidence another brand new release also fits into this week’s show rather well, that being an album by Felix Thorn who builds his own instruments using wooden piano mechanisms, springs, and solenoids to create what MC Zirconium describes as “Victorian Drum and Bass”.

download the MP3 directly.


The Music

1. Plone: Marbles from For Beginner Piano Buy on Amazon For Beginner Piano - Plone
2. T.O.Y.: Decorama from The Thing Buy on Amazon The Thing - T.O.Y.
3. Vic Mars: Workshops Listen
4. lullatone: Checking Things Off of a to-do List Early In the Morning from Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures Buy on Amazon Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures - lullatone
5. Pascal Comelade: The Blank Invasion of Schizofonics Bikinis from The No Dancing Buy on Amazon The No Dancing - Pascal Comelade
6. Pierre Bastien: Caravan from Les premières machines Buy on Amazon Les premières machines - Pierre Bastien
7. Gannon: Toy Volcano from Toy Volcano Buy on Amazon Toy Volcano - Gannon
8. Modified Toy Orchestra: Freeno & Olaf from Plastic Planet Buy on Amazon Plastic Planet - Modified Toy Orchestra
9. Raymond Scott: Sprite “Melonball Bounce” from Manhattan Research, Inc. Buy on Amazon Manhattan Research, Inc. - Raymond Scott
10. Klangverkstedet: Fantasi from Klangverkstedet Buy
11. Felix’s Machines: Torn to Pieces from Felix’s Machines Buy on Amazon Felix's Machines - Felix's Machines

DropophoneApp of the week: Dropophone
This is the free app developed by one of the featured artists this week, Lullatone.Dropophone - Hayashi Yosuke

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