PMB060: Gajan Kristnaskon (Booker T and the MGs, Georghe Zamfir, Sean O'Hagan, Tracy Thornton, Natalia Paruz, The Mistletoe Disco Band)

PMB060: Gajan KristnaskonFestive lunar greetings to all our listeners for this week’s all-Christmas special! On this week’s show we bring you a selection of well-known Christmas favourites played in some very unusual ways. We have a version of the Twelve Days of Christmas where partridges and gold rings are entirely absent and a version of Last Christmas which may cause you to rethink the oeuvre of Wham. We also have a rather lovely original Christmas song from Sean O’Hagan of the High Llamas.

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The Music

1. Tracy Thornton: Deck the Halls (Bonus Carribean Christmas) from Steel Drum Fever Buy on Amazon Steel Drum Fever - Tracy Thornton
2. P4KO: Jingle Bells (8Bit Version) from N4V1D4D 2010 Free
3. The Mistletoe Disco Band: We Three Kings from More Christmas Disco Buy on Amazon More Christmas Disco (Remastered) - The Mistletoe Disco Band
4. Twelve Girls Band: Last Christmas from Twelve Girls of Christmas Buy on Amazon Twelve Girls of Christmas - Twelve Girls Band
5. Booker T. & The MG’s: Winter Wonderland from Wish You Too Best Christmas Ever Buy on Amazon
6. Santa’s Party Players: Sleigh Ride from Beatboxing Xmas Party Music Buy on Amazon Beatboxing Xmas Party Music - Santa's Party Players
7. Hawaii Calls, The Hawaii Calls Orchestra And Chorus: Numbah’ One Day of Christmas / the 12 Days of Christmas from A Merry Hawaiian Christmas Buy on Amazon A Merry Hawaiian Christmas - Hawaii Calls & The Hawaii Calls Orchestra And Chorus
8. vim: when a child is bored from the 8bits of christmas Free
9. Nupur Bhargava: Bhangra indian Jingle Bells balle balle Merry Christmas Watch
10. Sean O’Hagan: Kabon’s Christmas from Christmas Songs Buy Watch
11. Natalia Paruz: Silent Night – Reprise from Hark! An Angel Sings Buy on Amazon
12. Gheorghe Zamfir: White Christmas from The Feeling of Christmas Buy on Amazon The Feeling of Christmas - Gheorghe Zamfir

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The Unnecessary News

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    For some visuals to go along with track #11: