Playlist, 14 September 2008

The Show
On this week’s show we took the opportunity to celebrate the recent centenary of that great musical pioneer Raymond Scott. As it happens today was also the centenary of another favourite of fans of space-age bachelor pad music, namely Bernie Green. So we played some of his music too…

The Music
We kicked off with some ping-pong percussion courtesy of local lad Johnny Keating:

1. Johnny Keating – Mountain Greenery (Temptation/Percussive Moods, 1962)

Then continuing the latin theme we had something I picked up in a local charity shop recently:

2. Victor Buchino – Mama Ines (Festival of International Hits)

And another one:

3. Johnny and Charley – Yenka Riketik (La Yenka! 7″)

Then it was time to start the Raymond Scott celebrations:

4. The Raymond Scott Quintette – The Toy Trumpet (Microphone Music, 1939)

Followed by another trumpet-themed miniature:

5. Bunny J. Browne And His New Group (aka Alan Parker) – The Little Trumpeter (Watch With Teacher, 2008)

Our London correspondent Jeff tells me that a new 4-disc compilation of tunes by the great Ananda Shankar recently came out (from here or here and no doubt other places too), and this one has been sanctioned by the Ananda Shankar estate so we urge you to get hold of a copy. We took the opportunity to play one of the tracks included in the set and we dedicated it to Mr Planet Earth Rock and Roll himself, Jake, his wife and their new baby who arrived on Wednesday:

6. Ananda Shankar – Kaziranga Beat (Melodies From India)

Following news that The Fly is being made into an opera (see below) we thought it appropriate to play the only song in our archives that features a fly throughout:

7. Martin Denny – Tsetse Fly (Exotica! The Best Of Martin Denny, 1959)

And next up, an exclusive – almost certainly the first airing on a UK radio station of a track from the new Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman album, Destination Space, which is coming out at the end of the month:

8. Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman – Funky Little Spacegirl (Destination Space, 2008)

I will be speaking to these great fellows next Saturday night. If you would like me to pose a question to them, do please get in touch!

You can also hear more tracks from the album on their MySpace page.

Next it was time to get back to today’s featured artist and we played a version of probably his biggest hit, as played by a band put together by Scott evangelist Mr Irwin Chusid (who wrote this great piece for Boing Boing this week):

9. The Raymond Scott Orchestrette – Mountain High, Valley Low (Pushbutton Parfait, 2002)

And then something from the man himself. This time from his vast output of electronic pieces, taken from an amazing 2 CD set on the Basta label which includes a 140-page booklet with some jaw-dropping photos of Scott at work in his studio:

10. Raymond Scott – Portofino (Manhattan Research, Inc. [Disc 1] – 1962/2000)

As mentioned earlier, today was the centenary of another of our favourites, Mr Bernie Green, and so we played this brilliant piece involving one Julian Joseph on the hands:

11. Bernie Green & Julian Joseph – Concerto For Two Hands (Musically Mad, 1958)

That medley of classical favourites includes a burst of In The Hall of the Mountain King and as it happens, our featured artist today, Raymond Scott, wrote a piece with a very similar title:

12. Raymond Scott – In The Hall Of The Mountain Queen (Manhattan Research, Inc. [Disc 2], 1969/2000)

Then it was time to hear our last piece today performed by Scott which was the result of him returning to some of his compositions from the 30s together with some standards and some new compositions:

13. Raymond Scott – Temptation (The Secret 7: The Unexpected, 1960)

MC Zirconium told us of the imminent release of a special Scalextric set of three minis in the style of the star cars of The Italian Job, so what better reason did we need to play a bit of Quincy:

14. Quincy Jones – It’s Caper Time (The Italian Job Original Soundtrack, 1969)

Followed by another of my recent finds from charity shops:

15. Bert Weedon – Big Beat Boogie (7″)

We closed the show with a track from each of this week’s centenarians, firstly an arrangement of Raymond Scott’s most well-known composition:

16. The Bobby Hammack Combo – Power House (Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 3: Space Capades, 1956)

And then a piece from Bernie Green showcasing his pioneering use of tape loops from way back in 1961:

17. Bernie Green & His Orchestra – Kiss Of Fire (Futura, 1961)

The News

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