Playlist, 26 October 2008

The Show
With Halloween just around the corner it was an evening of spookiness here at the Moonbase this week. Wooooooooo….

The Music
1. Quiet Village – Circus Of Horror (Silent Movie, 2008)
2. John Buzon Trio (Mr Ghost Goes to Town, Inferno!/Organs in Orbit)
3. Perrey & Kingsley – Spooks in Space (The In Sound From Way Out)
4. Esquivel – Lazy Bones (Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, 1994)

We took a brief rest from THE TERROR to bring you another track by this wonderful Japanese duo called Lullatone. This one comes from their latest album:

5. Lullatone – Tiny Cinema (The Bedtime Beat, 2008)

Then it was straight back into horror mode with another new track, this time from the Moon Wiring Club:

6. Moon Wiring Club – Form The Circle (Shoes Off And Chairs Away, 2008)

And then the first of two tracks from a great new CD which is more like reference material than a regular album as it consists of 20 tracks recorded on 20 different analogue systems, one for each year consecutively from 1968 to 1987!

7 Benge – 1970 ARP 2500 (Twenty Systems, 2008)

And another new track, this one from the recent compilation of tracks by the Man From Uranus recorded over the last 4 years:

8. Man From Uranus – Watch Out For The Giant Pickle – Amazing Science Friction Volume One, 2008)

Then a track from someone we really ought to feature more on the show, the wonderful Ms People Like Us:

9. People Like Us – OB & Cha Cha (Beware The Whim Reaper, 1996)

10. Lew Davies – Ghost Riders in the Sky (Strange Interlude, 1961)
11. The Three Suns – Danny’s Inferno (Movin’ and Groovin’, 1961)
12. Reg Tilsley – Old Devil Moon – When Lights Are Low, 1973)
13. Eric Framond – Bacchanale Chez Satan – Top Timing!)

Then we skipped forward 15 years from the first of our tracks from the new Benge album to bring you the sound of 1985:

14. Benge – 1985 Yamaha CX5m (Twenty Systems, 2008)

More spookiness followed:

15. Belbury Poly – The Willows (The Willows, 2004)
16. Padded Cell – Night Must Fall (Night Must Fall, 2008)
17. The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra – The Bells Of Doom (Theme From Hells Kitchen) (Tvpopmuzik, 2007)
18. Korla Pandit – Trance Dance (Exotica 2000)

And we closed with a track we alluded to on last week’s show. As listeners may recall, last week we paid tribute to Neal Hefti and I mentioned that his track Jervis (from the Batman soundtrack) had been sampled by someone. Well, it took me a while to remember who it was(!) but I got there in the end so we closed the show with it:

19. Roudoudou – Inna slow tempo (Tout l’univers – 1999)

The News

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