Playlist, 23 November 2008

The Show
Yesterday saw the 40th anniversary of the release of “The Beatles” (aka The White Album). Our London correspondent Jeff suggested we take the opportunity to play a selection of cover versions of tracks from this classic double album. So we did!

In addition to that, we’ll have a few tracks from a great new compilation of music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and a preview of a new release on the wonderful DC Recordings label.

The Music
1. The Les Reed Piano – On The Scene (The Easy Project – 20 Loungecore Favourites, 1963)
2. Tony Osborne – John & Paul (Gypsy Creams & Ginger Nuts: Sounds That Swept The Supermarkets, 2007)
3. Baba Yaga – Back in the USSR (v/a – La Musique De Paris Derniere 2, 1999)
4. The Link Quartet – Glass Onion (Italian Playboys, 2004)
5. Enoch Light – O-Bla-Di, O-Bla-Da (Spaced Out, 1969)
6. Charlie Byrd – While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Aquarius)

At this point we took a break from our White Album tribute to play a couple of tracks from this great compilation of music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop:

7. Peter Howell – Merry-Go-Round (The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – A Retrospective, 2008)
8. Paddy Kingsland – The Changes (Suite) (The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – A Retrospective, 2008)

And we followed that with some classic Thai pop, for no reason whatsoever:

9. Kabuan Garn Yor Yod Yung Yong – Gang Geng Nai Krai Lab (Look Whose Underwear is Showing) (v/a – Thai Pop Spectacular 1960s-1980s, 2007)

And then we returned to the White Album briefly for a wonderfully bizarre “version” of Piggies by a gentleman I would like to know more about:

10. R.A.M. Pietsch – Piggies (Exotic Beatles Vol 2 (1999) / Norwegian Wood (1988))

Keeping things electronic, we then played a brand new track on the DC Recordings label:

11. Arcadion – Arc (Ghost Feeder EP, 2008)

And then we returned to our White Album birthday celebrations:

12. Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo – Rocky Raccoon (Lena & Gabor, 1969)
13. Ramsey Lewis – Mother Nature’s Son (Mother Nature’s Son, 1968)
14. Henhouse Prowlers – Helter Skelter (Henhouse Prowlers, 2007)

Next up a track from the Android Sisters who were apparently characters on a mid-80s radio series I’d frankly never heard of called Ruby: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe:

15. The Android Sisters – Down On The Electronic Farm (Best of The Android Sisters, 1984)

Followed by another track from this great new compilation of recordings by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop on Mute Records:

16. Delia Derbyshire – Dance From “Noah” (Stereo Mix) (The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – A Retrospective, 2008)

And then back to the White Album:

17. The Brothers Four – Revolution (Golden Throats 4: Celebrities Butcher Songs Of The Beatles, 1997)
18. Ella Fitzgerald – Savoy Truffle (v/a – Glass Onion: Songs of The Beatles, 1969)
19. Marty Gold – Good Night (Moog Plays the Beatles)

The News

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