PMB071: Singing Stars of Stage and Screen (Robert Mitchum, Mae West, Bill Cosby, Joe Pesci, Muhammad Ali, Telly Savalas, Billy Crystal, Jayne Mansfield, Arthur Mullard, Hylda Baker, Mr T, Ethel Merman, Bernard Cribbins, Noel Coward, Sir Christopher Lee)

PMB071: Singing Stars of Stage and ScreenA suitably epic edition of the show this week as we celebrate the world of thespians who have attempted to moonlight as singers, with varying degrees of success. Marvel at septuagenarian Mae West rocking out, Telly Savalas’ invention of new musical notes, the alternative universe where Grease was made by elderly Brits and the tropical sound of calypso in entirely the wrong hands.

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The Music

1. Robert Mitchum: Sunny from Robert Mitchum Sings Buy on Amazon Robert Mitchum Sings - Robert Mitchum
2. Mae West: Treat Me Right from Way Out West Buy on Amazon Way Out West - Mae West
3. Bill Cosby: Reach Out (I’ll Be There) from Bill Cosby Sings Hooray for the Salvation Army Band! Buy on Amazon Bill Cosby Sings Hooray for the Salvation Army Band! - Bill Cosby
4. Joe Pesci: Wise Guy from Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just for You Buy on Amazon Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just for You - Joe Pesci
5. Muhammad Ali: Ali And His Gang Fight Mr Tooth Decay (excerpt)
6. Telly Savalas: Who Loves Ya Baby? from Who Loves Ya Baby? Buy on Amazon Who Loves Ya Baby? - Telly Savalas
7. Arthur Mullard & Hylda Baker: You’re the One That I Want from You Are Awful… You Are Awful… (Showbiz Comedy Titbits of 60s and 70s) - Various Artists
8. Jayne Mansfield: That Makes It from Suey Buy on Amazon Suey - Jayne Mansfield
9. Noel Coward: Beatnik Love Affair (Sail Away) from Noel Coward Sings Songs from ‘Sail Away’ Buy on Amazon Noel Coward Sings Songs from 'Sail Away' (Remastered) - Noel Coward
10. Fernando (Billy Crystal): You Look Marvellous
11. Bernard Cribbins: Gossip Calypso from The Very Best of Bernard Cribbins Buy on Amazon The Very Best of Bernard Cribbins - Bernard Cribbins
12. Mr T.: Treat Your Mother Right from Be Somebody
13. Ethel Merman: On a Clear Day from Merman Sings Merman / Ethel’s Ridin’ High Buy on Amazon Merman Sings Merman / Ethel's Ridin' High - Ethel Merman
14. Christopher Lee: The Impossible Dream (The Quest) from Revelation Buy on Amazon

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