PMB079: Big Cats (Mandingo, Ananda Shankar, Don Ralke, Shelly Manne, Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman, Ivor Raymond, April Stevens, King Of Woolworths, Tito Puente, The Bad Examples)

PMB079 Big CatsAfter spending a quiet afternoon enjoying the soundtrack to Daktari with Space Disco Jeff recently (as one does), he suggested that we do a show all about lions. We felt this was perhaps slightly too niche so instead we turn this week’s show over to the wider world of big cats. We also have another version of show favourite Caravan – this time mambo style!

Listen now:

The Music

1. Mandingo: The Cheetah (1999 Digital Remaster) from Mandingo/Sacrifice Buy on Amazon
2. Ananda Shankar: Charging Tiger from Sa-Ra-Ga Machan Buy on Amazon
3. Don Ralke Orchestra: Black Panther from The Savage And The Sensuous Buy on Amazon
4. Shelly Manne: Clarence from Jazz Gunn/Daktari Buy on Amazon
5. Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman: Kittens on the Moon from Destination Space Buy on Amazon
6. Ivor Raymond: Wild Cat Walk from G-Spots Buy on Amazon
7. April Stevens: Teach Me Tiger from Teach Me Tiger Buy on Amazon Teach Me Tiger! - April Stevens
8. King Of Woolworths: Crazy Lions from Rediffusion Buy on Amazon Rediffusion - King Of Woolworths
9. Tito Puente: Caravan Mambo from Let’s Mambo & Rhythms (Tito Puente vs. Pérez Prado) [Remastered] Buy on Amazon
10. The Bad Examples: Jaguar E from Elektro Tiki Buy on Amazon Elektro Tiki - EP - The Bad Examples

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The Unnecessary News

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