PMB094: Personal Space (Brian Bennett, Giant Claw, Como Carousel, Makers, Buddy Merrill, Sone Institute, Deborah Washington & The Astros, The Rebel Force Band, Mills Brothers)

PMB094 Personal SpaceThis week’s show takes its title from an astonishing piece of vinyl archaeology in the form of a new compilation by Dante Carfagna of the Ohio Soul Recordings website and Rob Sevier of the Numero Group.

If you can imagine a heady fusion of 70s soul, primitive electronics and song-poem-like lyrics you might begin to get an idea of the treasures to be found on this collection.

In addition to that we also have tracks from brand new albums by Giant Claw and the Sone Institute, more from the Como Zoo Carousel Calliope and a possibly unique example of Star Wars exploitation music.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Brian Bennett: Canvas from TV Sound And Image (British Television, Film And Library Composers 1956-80) v a Buy on Amazon
2. Giant Claw: Brain-On-Cream from Mutant Glamour Buy
3. Como Zoo Carousel: 76 Trombones from Tape Findings #119 Listen
4. The Makers: Don’t Challenge Me from Personal Space Buy on Amazon
5. Buddy Merrill: Flight Thru The Stars from Guitars Express Buy on Amazon Guitars Express - Buddy Merrill
6. Sone Institute: Back At Yesterday from A Model Life Buy on Amazon
7. Deborah Wasington & The Astros: Shortest Lady from Personal Space Buy on Amazon Personal Space - Deborah Washington and The Astros
8. The Rebel Force Band: Ballad Of Obi Wan (OB-1) from Living In These Star Wars Buy on Amazon Living In These Star Wars - The Rebel Force Band
9. Mills Brothers: Caravan from Broadway Hits – A Little Kiss Each Morning Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

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