PMB099: We All Scream (Emil Richards, Ice Cream Truck, John Carpenter, The Lyons Maid Revue, Eilert Pilarm, Barry Gray, John Baker, Lorraine Bowen, Fred Waring, Hugo Blanco y su Conjunto)

PMB099 We All ScreamWith this being show 99, what better theme to adopt than that of ice cream! For those non-UK residents not able to make the connection: So every track on the show this week has a lovely soft whipped theme, covering everything from John Carpenter to a Swedish Elvis Impersonator and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, not forgetting to mention a contribution from friend of the show, Lorraine Bowen.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Emil Richards: Hot Fudge Sundae from New Time Element Buy on Amazon New Time Element - Emil Richards
2. Ice Cream Truck: Creamsicle of my Dreamsicle Free
3. John Carpenter: Targets / Ice Cream Man On Edge from John Carpenter’s Assault On Precinct 13 Buy on Amazon
4. The Lyons Maid Revue: Get Behind It And Push from With Lyons Maid You’re Laughing Free
5. Eilert Pilarm: It’s Now or Never (O Sole Mio) from Best of Elvis Buy on Amazon Best of Elvis - Eilert Pilarm
6. Barry Gray: Lyons Maid, FAB Neapolitan Ice Cream from Stand By For Adverts Buy on Amazon Stand By for Adverts - Barry Gray
7. John Baker: Vendetta – Ice Cream Man from The John Baker Tapes Volume 1 Buy on Amazon
8. Lorraine Bowen: Ice Cream Lady from Greatest Hits Volume Two Greatest Hits Volume Two - Lorraine Bowen
9. Fred Waring: We All Scream for Ice Cream from Family Favourites Buy on Amazon
10. "Hello" Free
11. The Lyons Maid Revue: The Girl On The Lyons Maid Phone from With Lyons Maid You’re Laughing Free
12. Hugo Blanco y su Conjunto: Helado De Barquilla from Colección de Éxitos, Vol. 7 Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

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