PMB106: Light Stakeout (Kumisolo, Joan-Pau Verdier, Rory Thomas, Meridian Brothers, Ondatrópica, The Trinidad Old Oak Casablanca Steel Orchestra, Cheap Dinosaurs, Herbie Flowers / Barry Morgan / Tim Love Lee, Elias Rahbani and His Orchestra)

PMB106 Light StakeoutThis week we take the opportunity to sample some new releases and new arrivals in the Moonbase archive.There’s another track from Kumisolo‘s recent EP, a track from a new album of chip-prog covers of Goblin tunes, two tracks from the Light Sounds Dark/After the Void/Psychemagik stable, a somewhat lethargic-yet-groovy cover of Popcorn, some steel drum, a couple of wonderful new pieces of “Ondatropica” from Colombia and a little teaser of an imminent KPM reissue on Tummy Touch records.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Kumisolo: Commencement from Coeur Frag Buy on Amazon Coeur Frag - EP - Kumisolo
2. Joan-Pau Verdier: Sud-Omnibus (Instr) from After The Void Buy
3. Rory Thomas: Popcorn from Sensational Yamaha
4. Meridian Brothers: Salsa Caliente – Versión Aumentada from Desesperanza Buy on Amazon Desesperanza - Meridian Brothers
5. Ondatrópica: I Ron Man from Ondatrópica Buy on Amazon Ondatrópica (Deluxe Version) - Ondatrópica
6. The Trinidad Old Oak Casablanca Steel Orchestra: Puppet on a String from Steel Appeal
7. Cheap Dinosaurs: Tenebre from Cheap Dinosaurs Plays Goblin Free
8. Herbie Flowers / Barry Morgan / Tim Love Lee: Light Stakeout Pt 2
9. Elias Rahbani and his Orchestra: From the Moon (Psychemagik Edit) from Psychemagik Presents Magik Cyrkles Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

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