PMB110: Super Excellent Awards (Kamal Hassan, Teddy Lasry, Rick Miller, The Meridian Brothers, Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury, Jeff Phelps, Belbury Poly, Suzanne Ciani, Listening Center, Wing)

PMB110 Super Excellent AwardsIn a change to the advertised programme, this week on the show we bestow a selection of awards in our inaugural (and hopefully annual) Super Excellent Awards ceremony. We shall be paying tribute to some of our favourite new releases, reissues and compilations which were released in 2012.

For the full list of awards, please see these two posts on the website:

New Releases


Listen now:

The Music

1. Kamal Hassan: Vikram from Fire Star Buy
2. Teddy Lasry: Krazy Kat from After The Void – Psychemagik Buy on Amazon
3. Rick Miller: Future Directions from Tomorrow’s Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86 Buy
4. The Meridian Brothers: Salsa del Zombie – Perseguido Por Alegres Buitres from Desesperanza Buy on Amazon Desesperanza - Meridian Brothers
5. Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury: Helmet Theme from Drokk – Music Inspired By Mega-City One Buy on Amazon Drokk - Music Inspired By Mega-City One -  Ben Salisbury
6. Jeff Phelps: Super Lady from Personal Space Buy on Amazon Personal Space - Jeff Phelps
7. Belbury Poly: Chapel Perilous from The Belbury Tales Buy on Amazon The Belbury Tales - Belbury Poly
8. Suzanne Ciani: Discovery Magazine’ TV Spot from Lixiviation Buy on Amazon Lixiviation - Suzanne Ciani
9. Listening Center: Town of Tomorrow from Example One Buy on Amazon Example One - Listening Center
10. Wing: We Are the Champions (feat. Rappy McRapperson) from Television Radio Heroes Buy on Amazon Television Radio Heroes - Wing

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The Unnecessary News

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