PMB113: The Periodic Table (LearnThruMusic, Lisa Carbon, Jim Hall and his Radio Pals, Tipsy, Boron, Pye Corner Audio, Rudy Gaddis, Barry Gray, 8 Bit Weapon, Death By Chocolate, Kev Hopper)

PMB113 The Periodic TableAtoms at the ready as we bring you a show dedicated to the elements of the periodic table. The show features some of our favourite elements including Boron, Carbon, Potassium, Uranium and lots lots more. Every track on the show has an elemental theme with music from the likes of Boron, Barry Gray, Pye Corner Audio and Kev Hopper as well as a track from the long-awaited third album from Death By Chocolate.We’re also delighted to be able to bring you another exmaple of education rap from LearnThruMusic.

Listen now:

The Music

1. LearnThruMusic: The Periodic Table from Learnthrumusic EP – EP Buy on Amazon Learnthrumusic EP - EP - LearnThruMusic
2. Lisa Carbon: Rhumba Roland from Versus – Rather Interesting Buy on Amazon
3. Jim Hall and his Radio Pals: Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Potassium from 50′ Rock From Pennsylvania ! Buy on Amazon 50' Rock From Pennsylvania ! -  His Radio Pals
4. Tipsy: Neon Tetra from Uh-Oh! Buy on Amazon
5. Boron: Pong Song from The Beige Album Buy
6. Pye Corner Audio: Chlorine from Sleep Games Buy on Amazon Sleep Games - Pye Corner Audio
7. Rudy Gaddis: Uranium Fever from From Boppin’ Hillbilly To Red Hot Rockabilly Buy on Amazon From Boppin' Hillbilly To Red Hot Rockabilly - Rudy Gaddis
8. Barry Gray: Scrap Iron from Stand By For Adverts Buy on Amazon Stand By for Adverts - Barry Gray
9. 8 Bit Weapon: Escape from Xenon from Bits With Byte Buy Bits With Byte - 8 Bit Weapon
10. Death By Chocolate: The Periodic Table from Bric-a-Brac Buy on Amazon Bric-a-Brac - Death By Chocolate
11. Kev Hopper: Iron Filings from Saurus Free

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The Unnecessary News

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