PMB144: The Planets (Russ Garcia, Claude Denjean, The Daily Beethoven, Wing, Pete Moore, Isao Tomita, Ganymed, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Man or Astro-Man?, Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics)

PMB144 The PlanetsIt was recently pointed out to us that we’d not yet covered that most important of topics for musical cosmologists such as ourselves, namely our very own solar system!

So come with us, dear listener as we take you from the innermost planet Mercury all the way out to distant Pluto (which, yes, we still hold to be a planet) playing a musical selection for each stop along the way.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Russ Garcia: Volcanoes of Mercury from Fantastica (Music from Outer Space) Buy on Amazon Fantastica (Music from Outer Space) - Russ Garcia
2. Claude Denjean: Venus from Moog! Buy on Amazon Moog! - Claude Denjean
3. Wing: Earth Song from Wing Sings for all the Single Ladies and Raps for all the Safe Parties Buy on Amazon Wing Sings for All the Single Ladies and Raps for All the Safe Parties - Wing
4. The Daily Beethoven: Mars, Bringer of War Watch
5. Pete Moore: Asteroid (Pearl & Dean Theme) from Asteroid (Pearl & Dean Theme) – Single Buy on Amazon Asteroid (Pearl & Dean Theme) - Single - Pearl & Dean
6. Isao Tomita: Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity (edit) from The Planets Buy on Amazon The Planets - Isao Tomita
7. Ganymed: Saturn from Ganymed Buy on Amazon Ganymed - Ganymed
8. Man or Astro-Man?: U-Uranus from Deluxe Men In Space Buy on Amazon Deluxe Men In Space - Man or Astro-Man?
9. Antonio Carlos Jobim: Neptune’s Hep Tune (Morte de Undeus de Jal) from Love, Strings and Jobim Buy on Amazon Love, Strings and Jobim - Antônio Carlos Jobim
10. Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics: Plutonian Pogo Stick from Star Trek (Bonus Track Edition) Buy on Amazon Star Trek (Bonus Track Edition) - Colonel Elliott & The Lunatics

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The Unnecessary News

Buy The Planets

The Planets is available as an art prints on society6

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