PMB148: F for Fake (Roberto Delgado, Chaquito, The Waikikis, R Artus, Jez Butler, Nite Jewel, Jürgen Müller, Hardy Kingston, Ursula Bogner, concretism, Señor Coconut & His Orchestra)

PMB148 F for FakeFollowing the recent discovery of a potential imposter at the Moonbase – coupled with our continued enthusiasm for, mainly German, musicians masquerading as, largely Latin American, band leaders – we thought the time was ripe for a show exploring authenticity…

Listen now:

The Music

1. Roberto Delgado: Hurricane from Lounge Legends: Roberto Delgado Buy on Amazon
2. Chaquito: Caravan from Spotlight on Chaquito Buy on Amazon Hot Cha Cha Cha - Chaquito
3. The Waikikis: Hawaii Tattoo from Hawaii Tattoo Buy on Amazon Songs of the Islands - The Waikikis
4. R Artus: Bubble Dance from Electro-Stride
5. Jez Butler: Bakerlike from The Lighter Side Of Concrete Buy
6. Nite Jewel: Am I Real? from Am I Real? EP Buy on Amazon
7. Jürgen Müller: Coral Fantasy from Science of the Sea Buy on Amazon Science of the Sea - Jürgen Müller
8. Hardy Kingston: Tschaikowsky-Theme from Die Große Kosakenparty Buy on Amazon
9. Ursula Bogner: Expansion (Version) from Pluto Hat Einen Mond EP Buy on Amazon
10. concretism: The Sum of the Angles Listen
11. Señor Coconut & His Orchestra: Rydeen [Merengue] from Yellow Fever! Buy on Amazon

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