PMB151: Watch Out! (Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra, Moon Wiring Club, The Advisory Circle, Hutton School Choir, Tim Gane & Sean O’Hagan, Zellthesick, concretism, Perrey & Kingsley, The Discover and Learn Singers)

PMB151: Watch Out!It’s time to put on your safety gogggles, make sure every member of the family is wearing a hi-vis jacket and is standing behind the striped tape cordon as we invite you to carefully come with us on a journey into public safety.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra: Watch Out! from The Man From Uncle Buy on Amazon
2. Moon Wiring Club: A Friendly Warning from Striped Paint For The Last Post Striped Paint for the Last Post - Moon Wiring Club
3. The Advisory Circle: Mind How You Go from Mind How You Go Buy on Amazon Mind How You Go (Revised Edition) - The Advisory Circle
4. Hutton School Choir: Don’t Drink And Drive from Classroom Projects Buy on Amazon Classroom Projects - Hutton School Choir
5. Tim Gane & Sean O’Hagan: Attention Danger from Copacabana OST
6. Zellthesick: Safety Dance 8-bit-output from Watch
7. concretism: Rabies Warning from EP01 – Rabies Warning Buy
8. Perrey & Kingsley: Strangers In The Night from The Out Sound From Way In! Buy on Amazon The Out Sound from Way In! - Perrey & Kingsley
9. The Discover and Learn Singers: The Safety First Song from All About Geography Buy on Amazon All About Geography - The Discover and Learn Singers

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The Unnecessary News

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