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Cosmic MachineSub-titled “a voyage across French cosmic and electronic avant-garde (1970-1980)”, this is a great new collection of 70s space music from France. It includes some out and out classics such as Jean-Jacques Perrey’s E.V.A. and Space’s Magic Fly but also some much more obscure treasures such as a track by Francois de Roubaix from a rejected soundtrack for a documentary about Antarctica.

Two tracks from the album, including the Francois de Roubaix track, can be heard on PMB154: Smell the Rainbow.

Full track listing:

  1. Reve – Patrick Juvet
  2. Temps X – Didiermarouani
  3. Shanti Dance Parts 1 & 2 – Droids
  4. Survol – François de Roubaix
  5. Magic Fly – Space
  6. Disco Energy (I) – Universal Energy
  7. Motel Show – Pierre Bachelet
  8. Love Machine – Space Art
  9. Ombilic Contact – The Atomic Crocus (aka Bernard Estardy)
  10. Black Bird – Jean Michel Jarre
  11. That Is to Be – Bernard Fevre
  12. Generique-debut – Cerrone
  13. Spirit – Frédéric Mercier
  14. Chaos – Quartz
  15. Caramel – Rene Roussel
  16. Le Physique et le Figure – Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Pierre Sabar
  17. Aqua – DVWB
  18. Le Bracelet – Alain Goraguer
  19. E.V.A. – Jean Jacques Perrey
  20. Rocket Man (Instrumental) – Rocketmen

You can get the album as a CD, a double LP or as a download.

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