PMB164: Astro Zombies Moon Attack (Cheap Dinosaurs, Jan Davis, Gipsy Sounds, Zombie Zombie, Zomby, Zombi, Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra, Tipsy, Herbert Chappell)

PMB164 Astro Zombies Moon AttackThis week dear listener we hurl ourselves onto the long departed bandwagon that is all things zombie with a show dedicated to the world of the living dead.

The show is bookended by versions of the opening and closing music to George A. Romero and Dario Argento’s Dawn of the Dead and in between those we have some twanging boss guitar, sultry organ-driven latin music and, rather confusingly, music from three contemporary electronic bands all of whom call themselves Zombi/Zomby/Zombie Zombie.

The Music

1. Cheap Dinosaurs: Zombi from Cheap Dinosaurs Plays Goblin Free
2. Jan Davis: Watusi Zombie from Jan Davis – Boss Guitar Buy on Amazon Jan Davis - Boss Guitar - Jan Davis
3. Gipsy Sounds: El Muerto Vivo from I Love Rumba Buy on Amazon I Love Rumba - Gipsy Sounds
4. Zombie Zombie: Psychic Harmonia 2 from A Land For Renegades Buy on Amazon A Land For Renegades - Zombie Zombie
5. Zomby: Kaliko from Zomby Buy on Amazon Zomby - Zomby
6. Zombi: Orion from Cosmos Buy on Amazon Cosmos - Zombi
7. Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra: Zombie (Bolero) from Cugi’s Cocktails (LPR) Buy on Amazon Cugi's Cocktails (LPR) - Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra
8. Tipsy: Zombies Mood from Uh-Oh! Buy on Amazon
9. Herbert Chappell: The Gonk (Seeing & Doing) from Top Dog (A Retrospective Of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960-1982) Buy on Amazon Top Dog (A Retrospective Of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960-1982) - Herbert Chappell

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The Unnecessary News

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