PMB167: The Herb (Peter Herbolzheimer, Art Farmer, Bert Kaempfert, George Shearing, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Louis Stewart, Bundes Jugend Jazz Orchester, Inga Rumpf, Dieter Reith)

PMB167 The HerbIt occurred to us recently that new-comers to the show might not have encountered one of our musical heroes, namely Mr Peter Herbolzheimer, German trombonist, band-leader and cravat-wearer. Back in the days when we were on the radio airwaves, we were able to play a track from Herr Herbolzheimer pretty much every week so voluminous was the great man’s musical output.

However, we’ve barely mentioned The Herb on the podcast so we thought it was time to make him a featured artist. In addition to tracks by The Herb, we also have tracks from some of his luminous side-men and also tracks on which The Herb’s trombone can be clearly felt.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Peter Herbolzheimer: El Soul Condor from Soul Condor Buy on Amazon Soul Condor - Peter Herbolzheimer
2. Art Farmer: Let’s Boom Chitty Boom from Homecoming Buy on Amazon Homecoming - Art Farmer
3. Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra: Fly Robin Fly from Kaempfert ’76 Buy on Amazon Kaempfert '76 (Remastered) - Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra
4. Peter Herbolzheimer: Aquarius from Soul Condor Buy on Amazon Soul Condor - Peter Herbolzheimer
5. George Shearing, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen & Louis Stewart: Poinciana from The MPS Trio Sessions Buy on Amazon The MPS Trio Sessions (with Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen & Louis Stewart) - George Shearing
6. Bundes Jugend Jazz Orchester (directed by Peter Herbolzheimer): Caravan from Focus On Vocals Buy on Amazon Focus On Vocals - Bundes Jugend Jazz Orchester (directed by Peter Herbolzheimer)
7. Peter Herbolzheimer and Inga Rumpf: Superstition from Funky Fräuleins Vol. 2 Buy on Amazon
8. Peter Herbolzheimer: Wild Chick from Waitaminute Buy on Amazon
9. Dieter Reith: Knock Out from Between Or Beyond The Black Forest 2 Buy on Amazon

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