PMB171: An Ill Wind (Unit 4 + 2, The 4 Seasons, The Rokes, The New Topnotes, Las Cuatro Monedas, Johnny Hartman, Jean-Pierre Decerf & Myriam Chadcar, Gogi Grant, Setsuo Ohashi, John Buzon Trio)

PMB171 An Ill WindFor the first time on Project Moonbase, we bring you the first part of a conceptual double album, the concept being wind. This arose largely because of two differing approaches taken by DJ Bongoboy and MC Zirconium to the subject, with the former taking a somewhat “Carry On” approach and the latter a more academic one. The end result was so many great pieces of music that we decided to split them across two shows.

So for this first part we bring you a hopefully chuckle and titter inducing selection of tunes, mostly from the more innocent 60s, where the topic of wind had less of a double entendre than it perhaps does now. On next week’s show we’ll be taking a more meteorological and geographical approach to the four winds.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Unit 4 + 2: Wild Is the Wind from Best of Unit 4 + 2, Vol. 1. Buy on Amazon Best of Unit 4 + 2, Vol. 1. - Unit 4 + 2
2. The 4 Seasons: Searching Wind from Born To Wander Buy on Amazon Born To Wander - The 4 Seasons
3. The Rokes: When the Wind Arises from The Rokes Buy on Amazon The Rokes - The Rokes
4. The New Topnotes: Windflowers from Recollecting Singapore 60s – Volume Two Buy on Amazon Recollecting Singapore 60s - Volume Two - The New Topnotes
5. Las Cuatro Monedas: Windy from Las Cuatro Monedas Buy on Amazon Las Cuatro Monedas - Las Cuatro Monedas
6. Johnny Hartman: A Slow Hot Wind from The Voice That Is! Buy on Amazon The Voice That Is! - Johnny Hartman
7. Jean-Pierre Decerf & Myriam Chadcar: Like The Wind You Are from Cosmic Future Groove Vol. 2 Buy on Amazon
8. Gogi Grant: The Wayward Wind from The Wayward Wind – The Best of Gogi Grant Buy on Amazon The Wayward Wind - The Best of Gogi Grant - Gogi Grant
9. Setsuo Ohashi & Honey Islanders: Hot Wind (S.43) from Shiawase Wa Koko Ni Buy on Amazon
10. John Buzon Trio: Ill Wind from Organs in Orbit: Ultra Lounge 11 Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

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