PMB173: Understanding Egg Codes (Neal Hefti, The M & S Band, Bethany Angél, Small Oriole Choir, Kelmeh Oua Naghmeh, iloveegg, Jimmy Fallon, Lalo Schifrin, Anne Sylvestre, Blackbyrds, Milford Perkins)

PMB173 Understanding Egg CodesIn an unusually timely edition of the show (don’t worry, dear listener, it won’t happen again), we bring you a selection of our favourite egg-related tunes from quite literally around the world.

There are songs from France, Arabia, Spain, China, South Korea and practically everywhere else.

Listen now:

The Music

1. Neal Hefti & His Orchestra And Chorus: Robin’s Egg Blues from Batman Theme & Other Bat Songs Buy on Amazon
2. The M & S Band: Egg Roll from Quantic Presents… The World’s Rarest Funk 45s Buy on Amazon Quantic Presents... The World's Rarest Funk 45s - The M & S Band
3. Bethany Angél: El Huevo from Dios Pintó Buy on Amazon
4. 小黃鶯合唱團 (Small Oriole Choir): 荷包蛋 (Poached Egg) from 童歌精選, Vol. 12 (Children’s Best Music Vol. 12)
5. Kelmeh Oua Naghmeh: Chickens from Arabic Nursery Rhymes & Songs Buy on Amazon Arabic Nursery Rhymes & Songs - Kelmeh Oua Naghmeh
6. iloveegg: iloveegg Watch
7. Jimmy Fallon: Scrambled Eggs (feat. Paul McCartney) from Blow Your Pants Off Buy on Amazon Blow Your Pants Off (Deluxe Version) - Jimmy Fallon
8. Lalo Schifrin: Egg Eating Contest from Cool Hand Luke Buy on Amazon Cool Hand Luke (Original Soundtrack Recording) - Lalo Schifrin
9. Anne Sylvestre: Pour manger un oeuf à la coque from Les fabulettes, vol. 1 : Chansons pour… Buy on Amazon Les fabulettes, vol. 1 : Chansons pour... - Anne Sylvestre
10. La tia Cata: Huevos y quesos from Recetas de cocina: Microondas Vol 2 Buy on Amazon Recetas de cocina: Microondas Vol 2 - La tia Cata
11. Blackbyrds: Hash and Eggs from City Life / Unfinished Business Buy on Amazon City Life / Unfinished Business (Remastered) - Blackbyrds
12. Milford Perkins: The Duck Egg Walk from Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush? Buy on Amazon
13. Gus Mancuso: How D’ya Like Your Eggs In the Morning from How D’Ya Like Buy on Amazon How D'Ya Like - Gus Mancuso

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The Unnecessary News

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