PMB189: Java Juice and the Caffeine Infusion (Edmundo Ros, Herbie Mann, Jean-Jacques Perrey, R. Stevie Moore, Jez Butler, Raymond Scott, Les Baxter, Henry Mancini, Gordon Jenkins Presents Marshall Royal, Oon, Udo Jürgens)

PMB189: Java Juice and the Caffeine InfusionHaving done a show all about our favourite beverage (PMB175: A Nice Cup Of Tea) we thought it only fair that we take a look at the dark side, namely coffee. So we’ve put together what we hope is a highly stimulating edition of the show, with selections by the likes of Edmundo Ros, Herbie Mann, Jean-Jacques Perrey, R. Stevie Moore and Jez Butler to name but a few.

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The Music

1. Edmundo Ros: The Coffee Song from Vaba-Ba-Boom Buy on Amazon
2. Herbie Mann: Turkish Coffee from Impressions of the Middle East Buy on Amazon Impressions of the Middle East - Herbie Mann
3. Jean-Jacques Perrey: The Percolator from Moog Sensations Buy on Amazon
4. R. Stevie Moore: Caffeine Boy from Delicate Tension (Bonus Tracks) Buy on Amazon Delicate Tension (Bonus Tracks) - R. Stevie Moore
5. Ludwig and Friends (Jez Butler): Plenty of Coffee from Roondaboot Buy on Amazon
6. Raymond Scott: Nescafe from Manhattan Research, Inc. Buy on Amazon Manhattan Research, Inc. - Raymond Scott
7. Les Baxter: Coffee Bean / Calabash Annie from The Soul of the Drums Buy on Amazon
8. Henry Mancini: Cow Bells and Coffee Beans from Mr. Lucky Goes Latin Buy on Amazon
9. Gordon Jenkins Presents Marshall Royal: Black Coffee from Gordon Jenkins Presents Marshall Royal (Remastered) Buy on Amazon
10. Oon: Mr. Coffee from Polaris Buy on Amazon Polaris - Oon
11. Udo Jürgens: Schwarzer Kaffee aus San Juan from Wirtschaftswunder Hits, Vol. 7 Buy on Amazon

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