PMB204: Spoken Word (Peter Wyngarde, Jayne Mansfield, Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Unwin, Felix Kubin, F.C. Judd, Raymond Scott, Jim Henson, Sonja Neuman, Ken Nordine, William Shatner, Laura Huxley, Tristram Cary, Rick Jones, Hawkwind, Brian Blessed)

PMB204: Spoken WordThis week’s show comprises a star-studded line-up of thespians, philosophers, bards and boffins who variously demonstrate the power of the spoken word.The idea for this week’s theme came from listener Dolly Dolly David Yates.

It seems to have uncorked a rather rich supply of possibilities, one which we will definitely return to in the near future.

But one question remains, dear listener, is it nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune?

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The Music

1. Peter Wyngarde: You Wonder How These Things Began from When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head Buy on Amazon
2. Jayne Mansfield: Daffodils from Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky, & Me Buy on Amazon Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky, & Me - Jayne Mansfield
3. Dirk Bogarde: The Way You Look Tonight from Lyrics For Lovers Buy on Amazon Lyrics for Lovers - Dirk Bogarde
4. Stanley Unwin: Classical Musee from Rotatey Diskers With Unwin Buy on Amazon Rotatey Diskers With Unwin - Stanley Unwin
5. Felix Kubin: The Rythm Modulator (contd) from Zemsta Plutona Buy on Amazon Zemsta Plutona - Felix Kubin
6. F.C. Judd: Well You May Have Noticed from Electronics Without Tears Buy on Amazon Electronics Without Tears - F.C. Judd
7. Raymond Scott/Jim Henson: Limbo: The Organized Mind (edit) from Manhattan Research, Inc. Buy on Amazon
8. Sonja Neuman: Karawane from Centre Pompidou Audio Collection, Vol. 7/11: Dada et la musique (Dada’s Favorite Music) Buy on Amazon Centre Pompidou Audio Collection, Vol. 7/11: Dada et la musique (Dada's Favorite Music) - Sonja Neuman
9. Ken Nordine: Beige from Colors Buy on Amazon Colors - Ken Nordine
10. William Shatner: Hamlet from Spaced Out – The Very Best of Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner Buy on Amazon Spaced Out - The Very Best of Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner - William Shatner
11. Laura Huxley: Rainbow Walk (DJ Bongoboy Mix) from Recipes for Living and Loving
12. Tristram Cary: Visible Manifestations (E1 A – D) from It’s time for Tristram Cary Buy on Amazon It's Time for Tristram Cary - Tristram Cary
13. Rick Jones (words and music by Michael Cole and Michael Jessett): Enoch Makes The Wheel from Fingerbobs Buy on Amazon
14. Hawkwind (feat. Brian Blessed): Sonic Attack [Radio Edit] from Sonic Attack Buy on Amazon

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