PMB215: It’s About Time (Mickey Katz, Hot Butter, David McCallum, The Twelve Hour Foundation, Raymond Scott And Go Home Productions, Dick Hyman, Dondero High School, Geoff Love, Art Van Damme, The Moog Cookbook, Ruth White)

PMB215: It's About TimeWe thought it was about time we took a good long look at, well, time, here at the Moonbase. We were prompted to do so by the work of film-making duo Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared who produce short films which look as though they belong on children’s TV until you look a little closer and start noticing an accumulation of disturbing detail. Anyway, they recently produced a rather splendid/horrifying episode called “Time”.


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The Music

1. Mickey Katz: K’nock around the clock from Music For Mentalists (Unexpected Sounds For The Connoisseur) Buy on Amazon
2. Hot Butter: Syncopated Clock from Popcorn Buy on Amazon Popcorn & Other Great Instrumentals - Hot Butter
3. David McCallum: Five O’clock World from A Part Of Me/A Bit More Of Me Buy on Amazon
4. The Twelve Hour Foundation: Ten O’clock In The Afternoon from The Lighter Side Of Concrete Buy on Amazon
5. Raymond Scott And Go Home Productions: Tick Tock Cuckoo On Planet Mars from Raymond Scott Rewired Buy on Amazon
6. Dick Hyman: Time Is Tight from Moog – The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman Buy on Amazon
7. Dondero High School: Time of the Season from Pop Concert Sampler 1995-2005 Free
8. Geoff Love and His Orchestra: The Time Machine from Star Wars and Other Space Themes Buy on Amazon Star Wars and Other Space Themes - Geoff Love and His Orchestra
9. Art Van Damme: Just In Time from Art Van Damme – Swinging the Accordion On MPS Buy on Amazon
10. The Moog Cookbook: Time (Moog Cookbook Remix) from Bartell Buy on Amazon
11. Ruth White: The Clock from Flowers Of Evil Buy on Amazon

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