PMB217: Hello Old Chum (Elaine And Derek, Teresa Brewer, Homer & Jethro, Paul Eachus & Dodworth Saxhorn Band, Kemialliset Ystävät, Arthur Lyman, Françoise Hardy, Barbariki, France Gall, University of Memphis Bottom Line, Las Jilguerillas)

PMB217: Hello Old ChumThis week’s show celebrates simple human friendship, whether that be expressed with a firm shake of the hand, a slap on the back or perhaps even, perish the thought, a hug.

We have some borderline terrifying children singing about Jesus, two (yes two!) French chanteuses confusing friendship for love, some very laid back exotica, even more laid back saxhorn and positively catatonic tubas.

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The Music

1. Elaine And Derek: There’s a Friend for Little Children from Elaine and Derek (With Bonus Tracks) Buy on Amazon Elaine and Derek (With Bonus Tracks) - Elaine And Derek
2. Teresa Brewer: Chain of Friendship from Heavenly Lover Buy on Amazon
3. Homer & Jethro: Crazy Mixed Up Song (Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends) Buy on Amazon Essential Masters - Homer & Jethro
4. Paul Eachus & Dodworth Saxhorn Band: Friendship Quick Step from Dodworth Saxhorn Band: Grafulla’s Favorites Buy on Amazon
5. Kemialliset Ystävät: Hetkinen from Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa Buy on Amazon
6. Arthur Lyman: With a Little Help From My Friends from The Winner’s Circle/Today’s Greatest Hits Buy on Amazon
7. Françoise Hardy: Only Friends (“Ton Meilleur Ami”) from Sixties Girls Vol. 1 Buy on Amazon
8. Barbariki: The Friendship from Songs from Lyubasha Buy on Amazon
9. France Gall: Ne Dis Pas Aux Copains from Poupée de son Buy on Amazon
10. University of Memphis Bottom Line: Stand By Me from Tubas in Love Buy on Amazon
11. Las Jilguerillas: Adiós Amigos from 15 Éxitos Puras Buenas de Las Jilguerillas Buy on Amazon

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