PMB220: Fruit Cocktail (Les Baxter, Johnny Pineapple, Perrey & Kingsley, Data 70, Oranj Symphonette, The Dankworth Big Band, Reg Wale Orchestra, Lullatone, Raymond Scott, Titanic, Hugo Montenegro, Frank Zappa)

PMB220: Fruit CocktailHaving recently brought you a show about root vegetables, we thought it wise to present a show dedicated to the altogether sweeter, zingier world of fruit.

You’ll hear easy listening mangos, electronic apples, spaghetti oranges, Harry limes, bitter lemons, Norwegian sultanas, laid back strawberries, Hawaiian pineapples and prog peaches.

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Les Baxter: Que Mango! from Que Mango! Buy on Amazon
2. Johnny Pineapple: Na Ka Pueo from Hits By Johnny Pineapple Buy on Amazon Hits By Johnny Pineapple - Johnny Pineapple
3. Perrey & Kingsley: Third Man Theme from The Out Sound From Way In! Buy on Amazon The Out Sound from Way In! - Perrey & Kingsley
4. Data 70: A Is for Apple from Space Loops: The Complete Sessions Buy on Amazon Space Loops: The Complete Sessions - Data 70
5. Oranj Symphonette: The Magnificent Seven from The Oranj Album Buy on Amazon
6. The Dankworth Big Band: Bitter Lemons from Let’s Slip Away – Film And TV 1960 – 1973 Buy on Amazon
7. Reg Wale Orchestra: Fruity Flutes (Farmhouse Kitchen) from Top Dog (A Retrospective Of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960-1982) Buy on Amazon
8. Lullatone: Going to Buy Some Strawberries from Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures Buy on Amazon Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures - Lullatone
9. Raymond Scott: Sprite “Melonball Bounce” from Manhattan Research, Inc. Buy on Amazon Manhattan Research, Inc. - Raymond Scott
10. Titanic: Sultana from 7″ Buy on Amazon
11. Hugo Montenegro: Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White from Cha Chas for Dancing Buy on Amazon Cha Chas for Dancing - Hugo Montenegro
12. Frank Zappa: Peaches En Regalia from Hot Rats Buy on Amazon Hot Rats - Frank Zappa

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