PMB223: Reptile Ruckus (Bernard Herrmann, Bernard Gerard, G Gekko, Acidic Glitter, Henry Mancini, Les Bass Harmonistes, Alan Haven, Stelvio Cipriani, Tipsy, Herbie Hancock)

PMB223: Reptile RuckusHaving previously wrestled with snakes and amphibians, we thought it time to complete the trilogy with a show all about the rest of the cold-blooded family of critters.

We have giant lizards, crocodiles, alligators, turtles, an iguana, a chameleon and even something about the antipodean tuatara.


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The Music

1. Bernard Herrmann & The 20th Century Fox Orchestra: Giant Lizard Attacks from Journey to the Center of the Earth (Original Soundtrack) Buy on Amazon
2. Bernard Gerard: Le Crocodile Porte-Clé from Shake Sauvage: French Soundtracks 1968-1973 Buy on Amazon
3. G Gekko: PC Load Letter from PC Load Letter Buy on Amazon PC Load Letter - G Gekko
4. Acidic Glitter: Chipodile Rock Listen
5. Henry Mancini and His Orchestra: Turtles from Mancini ’67 Buy on Amazon
6. Les Bass Harmonistes: Les noces du crocodile (Zambèze) from Chants noirs (Mono version) – EP Buy on Amazon Chants noirs (Mono version) - EP - Les Bass Harmonistes
7. Alan Haven: Green Iguana from Haven For Sale / St. Elmo’s Fire Buy on Amazon
8. Stelvio Cipriani: Alligator Dance from The Great Alligator Buy on Amazon The Great Alligator - Stelvio Cipriani
9. Tipsy: Tuatara from Trip Tease Buy on Amazon
10. Herbie Hancock: Chameleon (edit) from Head Hunters Buy on Amazon Head Hunters - Herbie Hancock

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