PMB227: Jet Set (Jimi Tenor, Barry Gray, Dave Pike, Roger Miller, Gerry Butler, BOAC Flight Crew, Stelvio Cipriani, Massonix, Karim Shahabuddin, Marcos Valle, Bert Kaempfert)

PMB227: Jet SetIt’s time to put your arm-rests down, stow your tray-table and make sure your seat back is upright as we prepare to take you on a journey into the stratosphere.

We have a most stimulating program of in-flight entertainment planned for you this week, dear listener, taking in music from Finland, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa, Italy, the US and Blackburn, Lancashire.

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The Music

1. Jimi Tenor: Take Off from Beyond The Stars Buy on Amazon Beyond The Stars - Jimi Tenor
2. Barry Gray: BOAC from Stand By For Adverts Buy on Amazon Stand By for Adverts - Barry Gray
3. Dave Pike: Jet Set from Jazz for the Jet Set Buy on Amazon Jazz for the Jet Set - Dave Pike
4. Roger Miller: Boeing Boeing 707
5. Gerry Butler: First Flight from Super Sounds Unlimited – Amphonic Music (1971-81) Buy on Amazon
6. BOAC Flight Crew: Maiden Flight of the VC10 from Nairobi – London by BOAC VC10 / New York – London by BOAC
7. Stelvio Cipriani: Martinica Feeling from Concorde Affaire ’79 Buy on Amazon Concorde Affaire '79 - Stelvio Cipriani
8. Massonix: Jet Bolero from Hommage Au Fromage / Hollingsville Buy on Amazon
9. Karim Shahabuddin: Moonlight Serenada from In Flight Music Vol -1 Buy on Amazon In Flight Music Vol -1 - Karim Shahabuddin
10. Marcos Valle: Jet-Samba from Jet-Samba Buy on Amazon Jet-Samba - Marcos Valle
11. Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra: Mambo Mania from Inflight Entertainment Buy on Amazon

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