PMB230: National Anthems of the World (Felix Akoteh, Django Reinhardt, Z Digital, Cwossie, Botswana Police Band, Sifare Band, Slevisham, Tikoling Primary School, Global Bhutanese Community Colorado, khmermovie999, Mongolian History Channel, The Brazilian Brass Band, SPG Chanel College, Dean Shostak, Stewart Russell, Jackson Parodi, DeroVolk, Karlheinz Stockhausen)

PMB230: National Anthems of the WorldA globe-trotting edition of the show this week, dear listener, as we bring you a selection of lesser-known national anthems as well as some eyebrow-raising versions of better-known anthems.

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The Music

1. Felix Akoteh: Terre de nos Aieux (Salut a Toi) (Togo, 1° east) Buy on Amazon
2. Django Reinhardt: Echoes Of France (La Marseillaise) (France, 2° east) from Complete Jazz Series 1944 – 1946 Buy on Amazon
3. Z Digital: Himni i Flamurit (Albania, 20° east) from Electronic National Anthems, Vol. 5 Buy on Amazon Electronic National Anthems, Vol. 5 - Z Digital
4. Cwossie: Maamme (Finland, 25° east)
5. Botswana Police Band: Fatshe Leno (Botswana, 26° east)
6. Sifare Band: My Belarusy (Belarus, 27° east) from Hits Ringtones (Ipad, Iphone, Tablet, Tone) Buy on Amazon
7. Slevisham: Anthem of Transnistria (29° east)
8. Tikoling Primary School: Ugandan National Anthem (32.5° east)
9. Global Bhutanese Community Colorado: Druk Tsendhen (Bhutan, 90° east)
10. khmermovie999: Cambodia National Anthem (105° east)
11. Mongolian History Channel: Mongolian National Anthem (107° east) Watch
12. The Brazilian Brass Band: Advance Australia Fair (Australia, 149° east) from Brasil 2014 : World Cup National Anthems (32 Hymns on Brazilian Rhythms) Buy on Amazon Brasil 2014 : World Cup National Anthems (32 Hymns on Brazilian Rhythms) - The Brazilian Brass Band
13. SPG Chanel College: Yumi Yumi Yumi (Vanuatu, 168° east)
14. Dean Shostak: The Star Spangled Banner (USA, 77° west) from Revolutions Buy on Amazon Revolutions - Dean Shostak
15. Stewart Russell: O Canada (Canada, 76° west) Watch
16. Jackson Parodi: Forged from the Love of Liberty (Trinidad & Tobago, 62° west)
17. DeroVolk: National Anthem of the Sahrawi ADR (13° west)
18. Karlheinz Stockhausen: Zentrum Spanien (Spain, 3.5° west) from Hymnen (Stockhausen: Complete Stockhausen Edition 10) Buy on Amazon

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