PMB246: Tracksuit Vertigo (Joe Davolaz/Kumisolo, Luke Haines, Meridian Brothers, Jaime Llano González, Kosmischer Läufer, Hologram Teen, Johnny Scott, Gelbart, Steve Christie’s wRong, The Advisory Circle)

PMB246: Tracksuit VertigoTime to catch up with some of our favourite new releases and reissues of recent weeks, dear listener.

We have the new single from Swedish exoticists Joe Davolaz (featuring vocals from Kumisolo), a track from former Auteurs front man Luke Haines and his new all-analogue synth album about nuclear bunkers, a Colombian party from the Meridian Brothers and the organist they pay tribute to on their new album, some East German athletics training music, a track from the first single by ex-Stereolab Farfisa-ist Morgane Lhote, a pair of harpsichord tracks and we close with something to celebrate 10 years of Ghost Box.

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Joe Davolaz + Kumisolo: Cha Cha André from Cha Cha André Buy on Amazon
2. Luke Haines: Pussy Willow (Kids Song) from British Nuclear Bunkers Buy on Amazon
3. Meridian Brothers: Vértigo from Los Suicidas Buy on Amazon
4. Jaime Llano González: Diciembre Azul from Su Órgano Con Big Band Interpreta Música Tropical Volume 1 Buy on Amazon
5. Kosmischer Läufer: Der Traum des Jungen from Volume Three Buy on Amazon
6. Hologram Teen: Tracksuit Minotaur Buy
7. Johnny Scott: Low Down Beat from Tom Furse Digs Buy on Amazon
8. Gelbart: The Inverted Forest from Echoville Buy on Amazon
9. Steve Christie’s wRong: The Tomorrow Pylons from Children’s Television Themes From A Parallel Dimension Buy
10. The Advisory Circle: Mind How You Go Now from In a Moment… Ghost Box Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

Thing of the Week

Emoji Keyboard

Many of you will share MC Zirconium’s recent frustration at not being able to find a unicorn emoji. Well thanks to EmojiWorks you can now find your emojis almost instantly with this hardware emoji keyboard.

We also mentioned Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers by Nick McCamley, Making Waves: How I Won Olympic Gold and Helped Defeat the East German Doping Program and for the young pylon enthusiast, how about Pylon and the Bunny by Kia Seppa, an inspirational story about a pylon that wants to be greater than it is and a bunny who helps his new friend fulfil the dream.

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