Playlist, 14 March 2010

The Show
On the show tonight we explored Italian library music label The Rotary Archive as well as new music from the Advisory Circle, the Whitefield Brothers, Cluster plus chiptune, ukulele and lots more besides.

In addition to the music, MC Zirconium, our chief of disinformation, told us all about a 3D newspaper, German potholes and whale snot.

The Music
1. Wing: Mama Mia from Dancing Queen By Wing
2. Bob McFadden & Dor: The Mummy from Incredibly Strange Music Vol II
3. Farlocco: Superpotenza from Tecnologia
4. Yakuza Heart Attack: Bionic Boiz from Magnetic Sumo
5. The Whitefield Brothers: Alin from Earthology
6. U900: Apache from Ukulele Ventures
7. The Advisory Circle: Seasons from Mind How You Go (Revised Edition)
8. The Swingers: Quandrangolo from Jazz Video
9. Enoch Light: Waltzing Matilda from Faraway Places Vol 1
10. The European Soundstage Orchestra: Commercial Link 4:Comedy from Watch With Teacher
11. T.T.Cafe: Caravan from Ukulele Cafezinho
12. The Whitefield Brothers: Safari Strut from Earthology
13. Peter Herbolzheimer: Time Line from Big Band Man
14. U900: Walk Don’t Run from Ukulele Ventures
15. Latrudi: Sotto sforzo from Teleobbiettivo
16. Brian Fahey And His Orchestra: Seaway from Time For T.V.
17. Alex Mauer: Terraforming Mars from Magnetic Sumo
18. Cluster: Malturi Sa from Qua
19. Family of God: Moog Over Easy from The Family of God

The Disinformation

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